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Agenda 2015

•2 December: Supporters’ association ” de Stormbird” S.V. Spakenburg, sint performance.

• 7 November: 30 years of celebration in Wijk at Duurstede

•24-October: Ruin of Brederode, festival in Santpoort.

•19 September first puppet show: Ankeveen Artisique.

The performance can be adapted to a Saint Nicholas performance.


NEWS IN 2014.


see the pictures of Chile here

Clown Bijouxxx has organised this Humanitarian Clowns trip with Isabel Pineida from Santiago, Carla Oneto from Valparaiso and Carlos Gutiérrez from Puerto Vartas.

See here a newspaper article,photo and film are still coming, work is being done!! And another newspaper article

THE SPONSOR BOOK: “LINES TO A SMILE” WAS BORN ON JUNE 28 !!!!!!!! Hooray hooray hurrah!!!!!

Thank you very much to everyone who helped realize this book!!

Thank you EPC Nieuwegein for sponsoring 6 very beautiful books!!

The very first book has been bought, spun by Bart van Eynatten!! thank you very much Bart!!

The second book was bought by Liesbeth and Oscar Lopes Cardozo, thank you very much!!

Thanks to all the other 13 people who have already bought a book. Now look for a publishing house and large companies that can give the book as a relationship gift.

On 30 June, the sponsor book was sent to KLM together with a letter. Unfortunately, this request was rejected in September.

New car in September: thank you Cees Geluk of Ward Geluk (for the first time a red nose ) and thanks to Martin Hogeboom for the photo in the sticker.


In January Ruud Kreijger became treasurer of the board: great!!


September 20: performing at the art market in Ankeveen: Ankeveen Artistique

Proceeds from lottery and gifts: €432,– Great!! thank you very much dear people for your contribution!!

Many thanks to Luc, Corry, Fanny and girlfriend and Els for your important help on this busy day. Thanks to Rob Craye, toTiny Beesmsterboer and team of Ankeveen Artistique for realizing this beautiful market.


at the Bijouxxx stall and proud father and son

July 5: performing at the Place Du Tertre in Kortenhoef together with Michiel Lötters who assists in the clown tour. Bijouxxx has raffled a painting for the trip to Chile/Peru. Tickets for €5.00 each.

11 June: performing in Vreeland at children’s party.

This beautiful photo was taken by Martin Hoogeboom


Clown Bijouxxx is organizing a Humanitarian Clowns trip to Chile and Peru to visit many children in very poor neighborhoods together with a number of other clowns. For this trip, which we do as volunteers, a lot of sponsorship money is needed.: € 3000.00 per person. Currently there is € 700.00 in cash. More info about this trip is coming Here

Here you can see Clown Bijouxxx’s 2014 wish for the world

For more info and purpose see :Clown plan 2014



December: performing at children’s party in Hoofddorp

10 December: Walking as one in Utrecht

July 6 performance at Place duTertre in Kortenhoef, see: Ingrid Jansen.


Thank you so much dear Corrie for your super amazing help with the Clown administration!!!! it’s updated all over again !!!!



Great news: Stef de Beurs has taken a Christmas action to sponsor Clown Bijouxxx. He sent an email Christmas card to all his students with the call to sponsor Clown Bijouxxx. Superr and thank you very much Stef !!!!!!!!

Christmas market Ankeveen proceeds selling art cards and donations: € 150.75 (see sponsor 2012/1213 )

Clown Bijouxxx is back from Russia! two weeks many children visit in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The preparation of this trip was once again: picking out clothes, entertaining and making, bringing kadoos, visa, ticket and anything and everything organizing and doing, including looking for sponsorship money. It all worked out again !!!!! The 15th Bijouxxx Clownsreis from 2001, wouwwwww !!!!!

See Russia 2012

The KLM crew on the return journey from Petersburg via Paris, landed safely at Schiphol Airport. Just a little cozy!!!!

The annual photo in Puskin, Katharina Palace. 40 clowns from 10 countries.


17 October interview by Herman Stuijver in the Wie Wat Waar and de Brug on page 13

Interview with Herman Stuijver in the Who What Where. Thank you, Herman!!!


Performances in The Netherlands 2012

performing at Place Du Tertre Kortenhoef July 2012

Ankeveen art market September 15


December 15: Christmas market in Ankeveen, card sales, animating, music and advertising.

18 and 19 October: figure in the telemovy ” never too old ”

3 days performance in September with Jango Edwards in Amsterdam and Arnhem

September 15: Ankeveen Artistique. Clown Bijouxxx sells cards and paints children for the clown trip to Russia. Thank you very much to all the lovely people who sponsored Clown Bijouxxx and bought tickets this day: € 235.00

September 13: performing in The East House in Bilthoven at the Appelhof activities centre for the elderly.

July 7: Place du Tertre in Kortenhoef, art market.

Clown Bijouxxx thanks all the great people who have donated sponsor money and bought tickets: €264. Special thanks to Catherine Matray. She bought the painting which has been auctioned for € 200.00 for the benefit of the Foundation. Also thanks to Ingrid Jansen for the initiative of this beautiful day.

Here’s a photo impression

April 24: preschool de Pollewop in Laren.




Clown Bijouxxx went to Russia for the 3rd time in November 2012 with Patch Adams and 40 international clowns: Moscow and St. Petersburg!!! Twice a day for two weeks very sick children visit hospitals, especially children with cancer and AIDS. Visiting children in large orphanages, disabled children and the elderly in nursing homes, bringing attention, humor and love. See page last Russia travel: We will visit many children in very shabby orphanages and hospitals. Patch website.



NEWS 2011


Clown Bijouxxx has been in Tamil Nadu where she met Danish Clown Boris heel many children has visited.

IT WAS A SUPER SUPER AWESOME TRIP. !!! Newspaper articles India

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS are on the India page: Click here


This morning, April 14th I found this video, a visit of the group “verandering Beats” to Mkombozi ex-street children, super cool!!!

Bijouxxx went to meet these street children on safari in 2009 as soon as the opportunity there is There, Bijouxxx will visit children in Tanzania again.



November 13th gig at the Conservatory in s’Graveland met a large group of children in a greenhouse full of met pumpkins!

Making music on 11 March met the elderly at the Oudegaard centre in Kortenhoef.

March 8 gig in center Hazelnut, Estate Ursula for people met an intellectual disability in Nieuwveen. A resident turns 60.

During a big clean-up, Clown Bijouxxx found photos of a performance in 1995 in the Nes in Amsterdam, open stage: The Defectors.

Clown Bijouxxx has been “in retreat” for a time in connection with Lyme disease.

Great NEWS 2010


performances in two hospitals through brilliant:

•13 October Flevohospital Almere – 6 October Westfriesgasthuis in Hoorn

Clown Bijouxx in Hoorn, 6 October 2010 Westfriesgasthuis.

• 1 December performance at a community centre in Leiderdorp in the pre-programme of Saint Nicholas

•September 5th face painting, making music and telling about the Foundation at the braderie in Kortenhoef

• 1 December performance at a community centre in Leiderdorp in the pre-programme of Saint Nicholas

•29 August face painting and animating at the open day of Land and Boschzigt

•July 19 at a nursery in Moergestel for a heel sick baby via Stichting de Opkikker

•June 27 girlfriends party in s’Graveland

•25 June birthday party in Leiderdorp

•10 June perform at vofbrilliant at the UMC hospital in Utrecht: special day for secretares-ses en bali co-workers-st-ers

at an office in the UMC Utrecht

the three compliments angels: Esther, Kato en Bijouxxx

•9 June performance on the street playday in the van Hallstraat in Hilversum

Two very sweet dogs

en a happy beautiful butterfly

•May 25 small clowns dance performance meetse Kees oversaturated vocals. Ode to Nelleke Schenkkan, former Wethoudster for Groen Links in the Municipality of Wijdemeren

•May 16 performing in a guest house in Huizen where children meet an intellectual and of physical disability staying.

•video of April 30, Clown Bijouxxx performed in Bussum: big Queen’s Day party: fun crazy dancing.

on March 6, Clown Bijouxxx was at the Ankeveense market to celebrate its 5th anniversary and to promote children’s face painting and to advertise for the Foundation. Brrr just returned from warm Tanzania.



•From 12 to 14 May, Clown Bijouxxx has acted as a volunteer at the Special Olympics Belgium in Brussels. Her assistant Olivia is also in this photo. See:

The first day of the special Olympic games in Bruxelles: cold, wet and very specific!!!

together the Atlet met belgian clowns

a super football team

After this performance a heel particular outing: Concert by Salvatore Adamo in Bruges, Petit since a concert in 1971. An inspiring person in the life of Clown Bijouxxx. Thank you salvatore for your beautiful music and beautiful lyrics.

soooo happy


From February 21 to March 3, Clown Bijouxxx met Clown Particia in Tanzania.

Two beautiful children on the St. Dympha special school in Arusha, Tanzania, February 2010

Children at Emmy Sitayo orphanage in Tanzania, Arusha in February

These kids are looking for money to pay a teacher for chicken. This is the living cane where all the girls sleep and the bunk beds.

We have the orphanage Engeno Matonyok Maa school, Matonyok parents trust en St. Dymphna special School, village Olesiva, district Arusha Municipal visited and inventoried what is needed for the children there: new school materials such as wooden and plastic blocks, puzzles, paint and crayons, paper. For Engeno Matonyok Maa school is currently no money to pay a teacher.

I’m hard looking for a sponsor to die $250 a month can sponsor for a teacher’s salary. Who can help, ??? Every now and then there is a volunteer/star who teaches. (see chapter schools)

Great NEWS 2009


•video of December 30: clowning workshop giving in Lunteren for a group of 7 families met among other things children met a disability between the ages of 6 to 55 years.

•December 8: clown Bijouxxx gives a clowns workshop to the: “laymen”, the visitors of Plum Village in the lower Hamlet in France: MINDFULNESS CLOWNING

•3 October opening community centre in Amsterdam betondorp.

•25/26 September perform in a primary school in Switzerland and at families’ homes.

Le Professeur en Bijouxxx in the school class

Outside the school in Les Pres d’Orvin

Clown Samuel in Lausanne

Le Clou Samuel et le Clou Jagdeep

•19 September, party in Ankeveen

•13 September big 40 year celebration in Hilversum

•12 September, art market in Ankeveen, make music and made music met the help of clown Els. Thank you so many lovely people for the 80 Euro donations. En thank you so much Bruisend Ankeveen: Tiny en Antoon for your help.

•video of 30 augusuts, party in Amersfoort

•22 August: schmincken en sponsor sale on the Akeveense market: €210 GREAT!!! Thank you very much.

on the market, the stall and Sophie en Bijouxxx

•13, 14 and 21 June Bijouxxx performed at the centre for people met a disability, the Heygraeff in Woudenberg.

•10 June: Street playday in Hilversum.

•June 7, Bijouxxx gave a clown workshop to the people dying to come to Poland.

even this en: June 6 youth news: de Dalai Lama in Nederlamd (he is a great inspiration for Clown Bijouxxx)

•June 6, clown Bijouxxx visited a spiritual centre in Germany just across the border at Kleve: a workshop for children and the promotion of the Stchting. Geert van Artimobiel was a heel special musical assistant. Purtroppo there were very few people.

A smiling black lioness on Queen’s Day!!



POLAND in July

Marius, a very serviced boy in a swimming pool orphanage

Clown Bijouxxx went to Poland from 1-16 July to visit children in 2 orphanages, elderly people in two centres, met adults with mental disabilities in a large centre and families in a refugee camp. We also performed at an opening of a soprattutto en at a village festival. Our group consisted of four clowns and seven tg. This trip was organized door Geert en Bassie our great driver of Foundation Artimobiel (see Abroad) See a heel nice movie on this site at Poland 2009.

TG en children by the bus

VIETNAM in March

Clown Bijouxxx spent a month in Vietnam in March and has visited about 2000 children together with clown Boris, clown Bellefleur and clown Twiedel. For more information and photos visit page abroad/Vietnam 2009

MCNV Newspaper October 2009/interview

here even a taster: tbefore admission to a hospital in Hanoi

In Hue, on our way to the hospital team leader before we start performing.

TANZANIA in January


an ex street boy on the bus on safari in Tanzania

Click on news stories, make dreams come true: an article in Mkombozi newsletter

Click on news stories, make dreams come true

Amani kids newsletter

3 x on safari met children from two large centers for street children and children of an orphanage

after lunch

What we are tough, walking among the animals meets our very imposing guide!

very happy teacher/social worker Herry met the Twigia together (giraffes)

the “men” of Mkombozi center on “school trip

Orphans from the Engeno Matonyok Maa school in Arusha National Park for the first time in their lives

Bijouxxx: “Today is January 25th and I’m back from three very beautiful weeks in Tanzania. I have been out three times met orphans and street children. The first trip met 30 orphans and friends to Arusha National Park.


The second trip met 46 children and 4 adults from the Mkombozi center for street children also to Arusha National Parc and the third time met 70 children en 6 main of the Amani center for street children in Moshi in two full buses to the foot of Kilimandjaro, to the falls.

Children of the Amani centre enjoy walking

singing for the chefs die the pò lunch prepared en then to the waterfalls

back to the centre in the bus

All three outings were a great success: in the bus, seeing nature and animals, playing in the water, walking near giraffes and buffalo, singing, drinking food, snacking and having fun. For these children dying already heel many Throne speech things in their lives have experienced was their day out a heel big party.

I am warmly grateful for the help I have had in designed to support this project. Thanks to my guides Ernest en Mick en to the teachers dying helped organize en to my sponsors.

Because the children die at Emmy en Ndemno live (‘t orphanage) ate on the ground, Bijouxxx has put on tables and chairs. Now it looks more like a really heeled big family. Emmy Sitayo is the mother of all 30 children and a lot of money is needed to pay teachers and clothes.

Mary and Emmy met their new first cameras

Mary Kaswende is the mother of the school for children meets a disability. Bijouxxx has met together the own children of Mary dying holiday had a rusty fence transformed into artwork. She also needs a lot of money to be able to pay for food, laundry and the salary of the teachers.” I ask met emphasis to donate these two brave women money through the Foundation.

The fence at Mary’s school, from so on

… to such a


The latest clown hat a la 2009


Great NEWS 2008

GREAT FANTASTIC NEWS: In 2008, a school was built in Arusha for children met with mental disabilities. (see: schools)

Mary en her Students in the classroom



children in a shelter in North Bali

From 15 August to 15 September 2008 Bijouxxx was in Bali and Malysia.

Clown Bijouxxx has just returned from a four-week trip to Bali and two days in Kuala Lumpur. She has visited 9 centres there to act as a clown met the children. Most of the centres in Bali are shelters met school for children whose parents can not take care of them. More information and photos about this trip: abroad-Bali


Vietnam, Hanoi, birthday pat of Joseph, brrr spiderman and his sister Oona

Clown Bijouxxx went to Vietnam in May where she prepared a clown trip for March 2009. Everyone dying from children loves and has a warm heart can give themselves up to me to go met the two week trip to Vietnam. (see: contact)

performing at schools in poor neighbourhoods environment of tint

Making music on the street


December 20 performance at the Amerpoort, Christmas party met children meets a limitation: big Christmas fashion show

November 15 appearance at meeting Green Left Purmerend.

At the end of September performing for sponsorship to Warchild organized door Jewish Social Work: circus performance met children in Amsterdam together met Bap Berend.

MOP en Bijouxxx vvor de circus tent

during the performance

enschede 19-6-08 in the Roessingh rehabilitation centre. Organised door VOF brilliant.

Several birthday parties /Halloween party at children’s home.


There’s a guestbook. I really like it when you want to write something in it. Like your retover about a performance from on this website of just something nice about yourself. See contact guestbook.


Meet proudly I announce that there is a super beautiful photo of Clown Bijouxxx in the magazine Linda on page 89 in the July issue, met a little piece of text. Thanks to photographer Carmen and her team and employees of the magazine Linda.

Sidharta the grimeuse, Carmen and her photo team


On June 7, there was a fantastic clowns weekend organized in Giethoorn: play, sail, laugh, share.



Beaming children (orphans) die in the house of Emmy live near Arusha, visiting the swanky Impala Hotel to swim for the first time of their lives, get in the elevator on the way to the hotel roof, pee on a “glasses” toilet and eat pizza.

In Arusha I attended two schools for disabled children and orphans.

From 6 to 24 December Clown Bijouxxx was in Tanzania. Bijouxxx: lK visited the city of Mwanza and its surroundings. (at Lake Victoria) This visit was a preparation for a clown trip in 2009: we visited 7 centers for street and orphans. Two pictures of centers for street kids. Here’s William the teacher.

william teacher in a center for street children


Thanks to an interview in the Telegraph in April 2007, a great sponsor has come for one of the schools: the St.Dymphna Special School. 10,000 euros has been donated door Hans Spliethof en the Evangelical Lutheran Orphanage in Rotterdam. Mary Ayo, the headmistress of the school is very happy and grateful. Construction of the school started a month ago. Before that, the Students came to Mary’s house. Her dream of setting up a school for severely mentally handicapped children is now becoming a reality.
Because I got sick the last days of the trip How I got to stay in a comfortable hotel. I found it hard to spend that kind of money, a maad salary for many Africans. So I came up with something fun. Emmy Sitayo is principal of the Engeno Matonyok Maa school. She has about 20 orphans at home under her wing. At the same time, she worked for years in the center Sibusiso. I had all 13 children (dying there at that time) come to the hotel to swim there (poodle), with the glass elevator to the roof to look and look over the city, met a toilet seat to get acquainted, eat pizza met red nose on and maimked. All this for the first time in their lives. They loved it and I enjoyed all the restrained responses from the staff and rich safari railway maintenance. This has never happened in this hotel and it is so simple. It made myself heel happy.
On a terrace I met Rik Felderhof. He has connections to orphanages in Rwanda. It would be great to organize a clown tour there as well. That is very much needed.


From 11 July, Clown Bijouxxx visited children in Sicily. This trip was organized door (see Abroad Italy)


(see Abroad Tanzania, for a report and photos)
From 1 to 18 May, 12 international clowns – The Netherlands, America and Denmark – en 8 Tanzanians have made a “Healing through Humor” clowns tour in Tanzania. The group sponsored 4 Tanzanians die me traveled to get acquainted, met the clowns box. In 12 days the clowns visited: centers for children met HIV/AIDS in orphanages and clinics and in centers for street children, children in hospitals, disabled children in schools and rehabilitation clinics for children. The clowns also sponsored two schools met disabled children. We brought me 80 kg of school equipment.


Diana en Lodewijk Hijmans van den Bergh donated the gift money for their 10 year wedding anniversary to Clown Bijouxxx: 1,500 Euro, which is a sinon surprise!!! Clown Bijouxxx performed in a hotel at this party and played clown on the birthday of all three children: Isabel, Kiki en Elena.

At the beginning of September Clown Bijouxxx received an email from Hans Spliethof, meeting the good news that The Evangelical Lutheran Orphanage in Rotterdam has decided to donate 2,500 Euro every year, which is very nice good news, thank you very much!!!

Thank you very much to Paul Delcour for making the décoration PR DVD.

Thanks to all the sponsorship money, 20 clowns in May in Tanzania heel could make many children happy.

Clown Bijouxxx would like to thank all sponsors who made the trip to Tanzania and Sicily heel heel warmly: Claudia Hanssen, Mrs Schuller, Riet Ursum, Marcelle van de Ende, Fred en Judith Guitjens, Familie Verbeek/Schut, fam. Flying heart, fam. Elings, Mr. A.Noom, fam. Hagen, Renee Citroen, Dirk – Studio Ankeveen, Savita Dieleman, Peter, Bruisend Ankeveen, Tiny Beemsterboer en all lovely people die clown Bijouxxx the support.

As saving angels for the sponsor action of Mahasti Naranghi, Nico Bezuurzuur, Rolf van Mierlo, en her fellow dentists Peter Koelewijn, Paul van de Horst, Regina de Rijk, en Bregit Berghem: 3000 Euro!! My mother Lidy van Gelder sponsored 1000 Euro.
Also many thanks for all the kadoos, music instruments and school material die donated his door heel: New Classic Toys, Allehand, Jeanne van Belltree en Dam bvba from Antwerp.

On January 22, Clown Bijouxxx was on TV with Man Bijt Hond.


Hooray there is an nl PR about the work of Clown Bijouxxx made door Paul Delcour: APart DVD productions. Chris Theloosen en Emmy van Swaaij have met Cown Bijouxxx at the University of Nijmegen heel a lot of work to prepare this DVD. It’s become a brilliant PR DVD. Heel veeeeel thanks.
600 visit tickets, completely free of charge from Ahrend Repro in Hilversum.1000 Balloons from Amsterdam’s Ballonnenbeberijf.Clown Bijouxxx found an anonymous envelope met 600 Euro on the doormat at the end of November. She just didn’t faint with joy. That’s an incredible surprise: HEEEEEL VEEEL DANK!!! In January, Clown Bijouxxx found out that the good giver is called Iris.100 Euro from family v.d. Berg, 2 x 50 Euro from Mrs Schuller, 25 Euro from Aunt Carla Levie, 100 Euro from the Rubenowitz family, 50 Euro from Michiel Hardon, 200 Euro from Abbey Koningsoord, 250 Euro from the Gilsing family, 500 Euro from Lydie van Gelder, 50 Euro from visser family, 50 Euro from Frits Willems. Every month a donation from Claudia Hanssen.!!!


Performing at the Houwingaham school in Nieuweschans on Thursday 30-11 en Friday 1-12All schoolchildren take a toy of their own to give me to the children in Tanzania.
Saint Nicholas perform at the VU hospital in Amsterdam on 25 -11: First Sint en then the clowns: 300 Euro.
Performing on the street playday in Hilversum in May, 275 Euro, met many thanks to Atie my super assistant. Large wedding party in the Spiegeltent in the Bilt in June gathered help of Emmy, Suzanna en Eliza, 500 Euro. Thank you very much for your contributions. Performing in Amsterdam at the company Hazazah, 250 Euro.

TRAVEL 2006.


Clown Bijouxxx has met 25 clowns from Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, United STATES, Netherlands and Russia from July 1 to 11, 2006 made a clown trip door Sicily. Clowns visited children and adults in Hospitals, in a Prison for Young Men, in Centers for Disabled People, in centers for Demented elderly people, in a Hospice, and in Centres for Orphans. This was in Palermo in Piazza Armerina, in Siracusa. The trip was organized by the organization of Clown one Italia. In a small town near Siracusa, Augusta stands the most polluting oil refinery in Europe. In this place we met a heel great group of young people. They are doing everything in their power to limit the construction equipment at Augusta. This group also regularly visits centres for hadicapte people in the area. Because the air is so polluted, children are born with disabilities. They were warmly pleased to have met the contact with the clowns and we have given each other a boost of energy and positivity.
Clown Bijouxxx has once again experienced how much strength a visit from the clowns gives to nursing staff in all the centres we came to. Also this trip I have seen how important it is to meet a large group of music-making contacting, wacky sweet warm people, staff and patients to visit. There are a number of clowns working in hospitals in Sicily that are quite fine. They too were very happy to have us as assistance. Clown Bijouxxx has experienced some very moving moments met elderly people: as in a center for demented and disabled elderly people. Bijouxxx met an old man who started crying when clown Bijouxxx made music for him. He couldn’t talk but there was a lot of eye contact. After half an hour, a smile broke on his face door. He had a lot of pain in his feet and liked that Bijouxxx massaged his feet and legs.

Travel Die Clown Bijouxxx in 2005 has made.

From 2 to 2005, Clown Bijouxxx met 40 international clowns together, Patch Adams met for the second time to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Among other things, they visited many sick-and-orphaned children and a large institute where blind and deaf children and adults live. The journey to

From 4 to 18 September 2005 Clown Bijouxxx met among other things 4 European-en 1Tanzanian clown made a tour door Tanzania. Furthermore they sponsored 7 Tanzanians dying me traveled en religious participated in playing met the children die the group visited. It has become a great trip and heel rich and educational experience for everyone. The clowns have visited a total of 16 centres: orphanages, children’s centres, rehabilitation clinics, hospitals and schools and a centre for disabled children.

Clown Bijouxxx was in Tanzania in 2003 and 2004, 5 months and then has been able to do a number of things to prepare for the trip. Together, Emanuel Samson organized this tour. If you want to know more about this trip, you can

Sponsor actions in 2005:2005-2006.

School community De Kring in Apeldoorn Mrs Tilly Jaarsma, the headmistress of the school has decided to sponsor The Clown Bijouxxx Abroad Foundation in the school year 2005-2006. In early January 2006, Clown Bijouxxx gave two days of information to all classes about the Foundation’s work. The school has donated 960 Euro. Thank you very much!! Also two students of group 8, 25 euros have been raised: great. Thank you very much!

Performances in 2005.

On 17 December, nl face painting will be performed at the opening of the family market on the Ganzenhoef in Amsterdam-Bijlmermeer. On December 10th a big birthday party where Clown Bijouxxx was ceremony mistress. The performances on 17 June at the Rainbow School in Kortenhoef en on 20 June the tennis clowns party at the tenniclub in Driebergen was a great success.
The performance in the Grote Kerk in Breda, on 26 June, was a great happening: Clown Bijouxxx walked around like a giant in honour of Christophoris. Clown Emanuel was a magnificent King and Menacing Devil. In the Church was the opening of a magnificent Exhibition of 28 pastels: the legend of a saint of Juke Hudig. Many thanks to Juke dying me for this sponsors. See: As a surprise (dying leaked), Juke also donated the gift for her 60th birthday to the Foundation: 1,700 Euro. Chop a lot of stuffy Juke en all 60 Famili members and Friends.
The Benefit Concer on May 16th was very beautiful. Many thanks to Vrindavan. The Foundation received 370 Euro: Entrance tickets, ticket sales and donations.
The Clown Bijouxxx Foundation has been in several markets to advertise the foundation’s work.On 9 April and 14 May at the Ankeveense market, on 7 May at the Braderie in s’Graveland. There Bijouxxx en Emanuel children have shaved, sold homemade cards and performed. We also performed at the Vondelpark on 30 April and in Baarn on 5 May. All this has raised 420 Euro in sponsor money.

I would like to thank the following companies and individuals for their donations in 2004 and 2005: My mother died the company car has financed. A pò luxury przyjemny car. I’m very, very happy me. Donation of 150 New Year’s cards and for the car of Size & Vision. Hans en Kees van Formaat & vision helped Clown Bijouxxx out of necessity to design door cards and donate die Bijouxxx could send to all its donors: Thank you very much! The beautiful blue company car Citroën Berlingo now looks very festive and rolling. “” Firma Ebri from Almere Stad West. Chicken gave me a mirror. Chop very nice, ha ha. Ype Jansen of MY agencies en Sandylion Sticker designs. I got 11 décoration sticker rolls met smily faces, pillow and rainbow stickers. I am very happy and there will be many happy faces all over the world. Thank you very much. Ton van Hoof van Ahrend Repro. I got a discount on business cards and on a plasticized banner met Bijouxxx on the photo and the name of the Foundation. It’s become beautiful. Thank you so much! Flowers Handel Courtier: donation of flowers for the Benefit Concert. Many thanks!



NEWS AND PERFORMANCES 2020 Children's parties: • on 22 December at Poppy • November 7 at Marly New Santa Claus performance: SAINT NICHOLAS VISITS THE ANIMALS IN THE FOREST WITH HIS NEW FRIEND AND SIDEKICK APPIE AAP. • on 2 and 4 December • 28 and 29 November • 22, 26...

Updates 2020:

NIIEWE SINTERKLAAS PERFORMANCE: SAINT NICHOLAS VISITS THE ANIMALS IN THE FOREST WITH HIS NEW FRIEND AND SIDEKICK APPIE AAP ON: 28 and 29 November, on 2 and 5 December at 15:00. • 22, 26 and 29 July at 15:00: The birthday of Geraldine the Giraffe • Sunday 2 August at...

Bijouxxx recycling art

Because the earth is polluted and plundered because people keep getting rid of things and want to buy new stuff, I would like to show through my art how beautiful shapes are of everything we use. For years I kept all the cut yarn that was on, old keys tubes of cream...

Photos Nepal

Dear people, The pictures of Nepal are online, you can view them here, if you click on them you can save the photo in better quality.

nepal 2017/ 2020

  Clown Bijouxxx has worked hard to organize the trip to Nepal from Koedijk. From 3 to 21 November Clown Bijouxxx visited children in Nepal in 19 centres/hospitals with 8 other clowns/musicians/puppeteers and a photographer. Two Dutch women, married to Nepalese...