From november 12 until  november 30.

Clown Bijouxxx, Danish clown Boris and Dutch clown Michael Lötters made a Humanitarian clowns tour to Chile and Peru in november 2014.
In this two countries we visited 14 places in three weeks in very poor areas, including hospitals, large Santorium for disabled people, two centers for children with a mental disability, orphanages, a center for autistic children and many children at four schools.

Optreden op school 12 november 2014 in Santiago

This was the first time in 14 years that there was not enough sponsorship money.

Thanks to the internet !! because of the assistance of Dutch, Chilean and Peruvian organizations, Clown Bijouxxx could organize this trip from her home in Ankeveen.
Many many thanks Isabel Pineida for your great help and hard work !!! Many thanks to Carlos Gutiérrez for all photos and great films he has made for us.

 Pictures of Chile: Santiago, Valparaiso,  12-20 november. Porto Octai.

Pictures of Peru: Lima and Cusco surroundings.

Here is more information, Chili