Our arrival at the last day after two weeks of visiting children. Here in a big center for children who have hearing problems. It was very great, with film, journalists and tv.


Bijouxxx en Boris visited many children in two weeks.

Bijouxxx and Boris( Nina Johansen ) have been in 16 center: day 1 t/m 3 in Chennai, day 4, 6 en 8 in Pondycherry, day 5 in Cuddelore, day 7 in Villupuram and Kanjanur Village, day 9 in Auroville.

day 1: Life Help Center in Neelangarai in Chennai / Cancer Insitute Adayar

day 2: Little Hearts Center, three groups / Little Buds school part of Little Hearts.

day 3: Slum Children come to Little Hearts because of too much rain, we can not visit the children in the slums/

Orphanage for Tsunami effected children House of Hope


After a great visit in Life Help Center for people with a disability, in Chennai,december 2010.

Everywhere we came we where welcomed very warm and friendly. They all where so great full with our visist.

We only where with the two of us and learned that it was possible to perform like this for many children.

We saw a lot of poverty and realize again and again how fortunate we are in Holland and in Denmarc with all the 1000 shops, food, clean water, clean hospitals we have.


Hospital, Life Help,  Little Hearts, House of Hope,   Gypsie,    Saday,  Vela Villapuran,  Auroville


Ziekenhuis, Saday 1, Saday 2, huis van hoop 1, 2, Florence Home Stichting deel 2


5 kranten!!!

Indian dance in a center for children with hearing problems.


Weeshuis voor Tsunami kinderen: House of Hope


Clowns diploma!!!

Gypsy Center

Dze foto’s heeft de directie van Jwala Home ons gestuurd.

dag 7: Villupuram, Vela speciale School voor Dove en Slechthorende kinderen / Schooltje in Kanjanur dorp, met peuters.


dag 8: Arya Samaj, Tsunami getroffen kinderen.

dag 9: paprika School voor de kinderen van de gehandicapten dorp in Auroville, Tamil Nadu. Optreden samen ontmoette Clown Lulu. uit Auroville.