Clown Bijouxxx and Clown Boris  made a two weeks Clowns tour in India Tamil Nadu in november 2010. 

Boris and Bijouxxx are very shy: 150 deaf children are waiting for us !!

Here are pictures HospitalLife Help Center, Little Hearts, House of Hope,   Gypsie,  Saday,  VelaAuroville

we are in 5 newspapers !!!

Bijouxxx en Boris ( Nina Johansen ) have been in 16 center: day 1 t/m 3 in Chennai, day 4, 6 en 8 in Pondycherry, day 5 in Cuddelore, day 7 in Villupuram and Kanjanur Village, day 9 in Auroville.

day 1: Life Help Center in Neelangarai in Chennai / Cancer Insitute Adayar

day 2: Little Hearts Center, three groups / Little Buds school part of Little Hearts.

day 3: Slum Children come to Little Hearts because of too much rain, we can not visit the children in the slums/

Orphanage for Tsunami effected children House of Hope

After a great visit in Life Help Center for people with a disability, in Chennai,december 2010.

Clowns diploma!!!!

day 4: Pondicherry Saday shool  for children with special needs.  link / in the afternoon we visit another school for children with special needs: Mother Rehabilitation Center.

day 5: we  visit two Centra/Schools of Florence Home Foundation in Cuddelore

day 6: Jwala Home for Mentally Challenged / Sri Sai Sundari Educational Trust,

Gypsy Center

Pictures sent to us by the director of Jwala Home.

day 7: Villupuram, Vela Special School for deaf children and orphans/ School in  Kanjanur Village, with tudlers.

au au Boris that is not funny……performing for and with the children in Vela center/school.

day 8: Arya Samaj, Tsunami  affected Children .

day 9: Deepam School for the Disabled Village Children in Auroville, Tamil Nadu.  Performence together with Clown Lulu. from Auroville.