Entry to perform for many children with hearing problems

Clown Bijouxxx was in India in 2010 where she visited many children with Clown Boris from Denmark.

The people of India have received us super warm and warm. They were very grateful that we came all the way from the Netherlands and Denmark to laugh and play with them. In some centers there were more than 100 children. We have learned that it is possible to perform as a duo for – and with so many children. We learned to work well together and that was wonderful. We have seen a lot of poverty and sick children and realize again, how well we are doing here in the Netherlands and Denmark with e.g. water from the tap and clean hospitals. The traffic here is very boring without cows and dogs on the street and on the highway and with rules…..


Hospital,, Life Help, Little Hearts,, House of Hope, Gypsie, Saday, Vela Villapuran, Auroville


Hospital,, Saday 1,, Saday 2,House of Hope 1, 2,Florence Home Foundation part 2


5 newspapers !!!

dancing in the centre for deaf and hard of hearing children

Bijouxxx and Boris ( Nina Johansen ) have been in 16 centres: day 1 to 3 in Chennai, day 4, 6 and 8 in Pondycherry, day 5 in Cuddelore, day 7 in Villupuram and Kanjanur Village, day 9 in Auroville.

day 1: Life Help Center in Neelangarai in Chennai / Cancer Insitute Adayar

Day 2: Little Hearts Center,three groups / Little Buds school part of Little Hearts.

Day 3: Slum Children come to Little Hearts because of a lot of rain we can’t visit the kids with them in the slums/

Orphanage for Tsunami Children: House of Hope

After our first performance in Chennai, Life help Center for children with disabilities.

Clown’s diploma!!!!

Day 4: Pondicherry Saday shool for children with special needs. There is no website though a link / in the afternoon we visit another school with children with disabilities: Mother Rehabilitation Center.

day 5: we visit two Florence Home Foundation centres/schools in Cuddelore

day 6: Jwala Home for Mentally Challenged / Sri Sai Sundari Educational Trust,

Gypsy Center

The jwala home management sent us the pictures.

day 7: Villupuram, Vela Special School for Dove and Hearing Children/ School in Kanjanur Village, with toddlers.

au au Boris that’s not so much fun…… perform for and with the children at the Vela School Centre.

Day 8: Arya Samaj, Tsunami Affected Children .

Day 9: Deepam School for the Disabled Village Children in Auroville, Tamil Nadu. Performing with Clown Lulu. from Auroville.



Updates 2020:

Updates 2020:

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Bijouxxx recycling art

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Bijouxxx recycling art

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Foto’s Nepal

Foto’s Nepal

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