Preschool, kindergarten and primary school.

If a child leaves the preschool or kindergarten, or if the “teacher” says goodbye or birthday.

photos schooloptrenden 2008 Amsterdam



Because some toddlers have never seen a real clown and sometimes find that scary, Bijouxxx has created a program in which she dresses as a clown. She can’t do that at all. All her clothes are going to be wrong. Bijouxxx makes a special song for those who say goodbye to the children. Together with the children she does circus tricks, dances and sings. If there is a theme, Bijouxxx also creates a program for it, for example an Indian party.

According to the theme of the school, Bijouxxx will create a program. So she played the “new” congition when the then congarian said goodbye. For example, the jibe room can be transformed into Circus piste or Indian camp.

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