at the opening of a playground, a Polish butterfly

and with a very “entoesiaste” Marius who lives in an orphanage


. On this “clownsbus site you can click on Poland 2009″ and there are pictures and a movie on it: Super fun !!!!!!!!

and Click here for pictures of Erik Rauws on Picasa album. You’re a really great photographer, thank you xxx !!!!!

Clown Bijouxxx went to Poland from 1-16 July to visit children in 2 orphanages, elderly people in two centres, adults with mental disabilities in a large centre and families in a refugee camp. We also performed at an opening of a playground and at a village festival. Our group consisted of four clowns and seven musicians. This trip was organised by Geert and Bassie (great driver, cook and “meganisjen”) ofErik

in the old people’s home with Julia’s grandfather our interpreter

Geert and a Vietnamese mother with baby in a refugee camp

Here we have also been





NEWS AND PERFORMANCES 2020 Children's parties: • on 22 December at Poppy • November 7 at Marly New Santa Claus performance: SAINT NICHOLAS VISITS THE ANIMALS IN THE FOREST WITH HIS NEW FRIEND AND SIDEKICK APPIE AAP. • on 2 and 4 December • 28 and 29 November • 22, 26...

Updates 2020:

NIIEWE SINTERKLAAS PERFORMANCE: SAINT NICHOLAS VISITS THE ANIMALS IN THE FOREST WITH HIS NEW FRIEND AND SIDEKICK APPIE AAP ON: 28 and 29 November, on 2 and 5 December at 15:00. • 22, 26 and 29 July at 15:00: The birthday of Geraldine the Giraffe • Sunday 2 August at...

Bijouxxx recycling art

Because the earth is polluted and plundered because people keep getting rid of things and want to buy new stuff, I would like to show through my art how beautiful shapes are of everything we use. For years I kept all the cut yarn that was on, old keys tubes of cream...

Photos Nepal

Dear people, The pictures of Nepal are online, you can view them here, if you click on them you can save the photo in better quality.

nepal 2017/ 2020

  Clown Bijouxxx has worked hard to organize the trip to Nepal from Koedijk. From 3 to 21 November Clown Bijouxxx visited children in Nepal in 19 centres/hospitals with 8 other clowns/musicians/puppeteers and a photographer. Two Dutch women, married to Nepalese...