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Siberia 2002 (Ned)

Clown Bijouxxx on his way to Siberia After my first experiences in Russia, I decided to regularly go to countries where disadvantaged, sick and orphans live. In August 2002 I travelled again to Moscow. This time with Patch...

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India 2010-2011

Entry to perform for many children with hearing problems Clown Bijouxxx was in India in 2010 where she visited many children with Clown Boris from Denmark. The people of India have received us super warm and warm. They were very...

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Chile and Peru 2014

Clown Bijouxxx travelled to Chile and Peru in November 2014 with Danish Clown Boris and Dutch clown Michiel Lötters. There we spent three weeks in 14 places in very poor neighbourhoods, including hospitals, a large Santorium for...

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