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Great NEWS 2010


performances in two hospitals through Brilliant:

•13 October Flevohospital Almere – 6 October Westfriesgasthuis in Hoorn

Clown Bijouxx in Hoorn, 6 October 2010 Westfriesgasthuis.

• 1 December performance at a community centre in Leiderdorp in the pre-programme of Saint Nicholas

•5 September face painting, making music and telling about the Foundation at the braderie in Kortenhoef

• 1 December performance at a community centre in Leiderdorp in the pre-programme of Saint Nicholas

•29 August face painting and animating on the open day of Land and Boschzigt

•July 19 at a nursery in Moergestel for a very sick child via Stichting de Opkikker

•June 27 girlfriends party in s’Graveland

•25 June birthday party in Leiderdorp

•10 June performance at vofbrilliant at the UMC hospital in Utrecht: special day for secretares-ses and bali employees-st-ers

at an office in the UMC Utrecht

the three compliments angels: Esther, Kato and Bijouxxx

•9 June performance on the street playday in the van Hallstraat in Hilversum

Two very sweet dogs

and a happy beautiful butterfly

•May 25 small clowns dance performance with Kees Blase vocals. Ode to Nelleke Schenkkan, former Wethoudster for Groen Links in the Municipality of Wijdemeren

•May 16 at a guest house in Huizen where children with intellectual and or physical disabilities stay.

•April 30, Clown Bijouxxx performed in Bussum: big Queen’s Day party: fun crazy dancing.

on March 6, Clown Bijouxxx was at the Ankeveense market to celebrate its 5th anniversary and to make children face painting and advertising for the Foundation. brrr just returned from the warm Tanzania.



•From 12 to 14 May, Clown Bijouxxx has acted as a volunteer at the Special Olympics Belgium in Bruxelles. Her assistant Olivia is also in this photo. see:

The first day of the Special Olympics in Bruxelles: cold, wet and very !!!!!!

together with the athletes and Belgian clowns

a super football team

After this performance a very special outing: Concert by Salvatore Adamo in Bruges, again since a concert in 1971. An inspiring man in the life of Clown Bijouxxx. Thank you salvatore for your beautiful music and beautiful lyrics.

soooo happy


From 21 February to 3 March, Clown Bijouxxx was in Tanzania with Clown Particia.

Two beautiful children on the St. Dympha special school in Arusha Tanzania, February 2010

Children at Emmy Sitayo orphanage in Tanzania, Arusha in February

These kids are looking for money to pay a teacher for them. This is the living cane where all the girls sleep and the bunk beds.

We have the orphanage Engeno Matonyok Maa school, Matonyok Parents Trust and St. Dymphna Special School, Village Olesiva, District Arusha Municipal visited and inventoried what is needed for the children there: new school materials such as wooden and plastic blocks, paint, puzzles, crayons, paper. For Engeno Matonyok Maa school is currently no money to pay a teacher.

I’m looking hard for a sponsor who can sponsor $250 a month for a teacher’s salary. Who can help, ??? Every now and then there is a volunteer/star who teaches. (see chapter schools)

Great NEWS 2009


•30 December: giving a clown workshop in Lunteren for a group of 7 families with children with disabilities between the ages of 6 and 55.

•December 8: clown Bijouxxx gives a clowns workshop to the : “lay people”, the visitors of Plum Village in the Lower Hamlet in France: MINDFULNESS CLOWNING

•3 October opening community centre in Amsterdam betondorp.

•25/26 September perform in a primary school in Switzerland and at families’ homes.

Le Professeur and Bijouxxx in school class

In and outside the school in Les Pres d’Orvin

Clown Samuel in Lausanne

Le Clou Samuel et le Clou Jagdeep

•19 September, party in Ankeveen

•13 September big 40 year celebration in Hilversum

•12 September, art market in Ankeveen, making face paint and music with the help of clown Els. Thank you so many lovely people for the 80 Euro donations. And thank you so much Effervescent Ankeveen: Tiny and Anthony for your help.

•30 augusuts, party in Amersfoort

•August 22: face paint and sponsor sale on the Akeveense market: €210 GREAT !!! Thank you very much.

on the market, the stall and Sophie and Bijouxxx

•13, 14 and 21 June Bijouxxx performed at the centre for people with disabilities, the Heygraeff in Woudenberg.

•10 June :Street playday in Hilversum.

•June 7, Bijouxxx gave a clown workshop to the people who go to Poland.

and here’s this: June 6 youth news: the Dalai Lama in Nederlamd (he is a great inspiration for Clown Bijouxxx)

•June 6, clown Bijouxxx visited a spiritual centre in Germany just across the border at Kleve: a workshop for children and the promotion of the Stchting. Geert van Artimobiel was a very special musical assistant. Unfortunately, there were very few people.

A smiling black lioness on Queen’s Day!!




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Updates 2020:

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Bijouxxx recycling art

Because the earth is polluted and plundered because people keep getting rid of things and want to buy new stuff, I would like to show through my art how beautiful shapes are of everything we use. For years I kept all the cut yarn that was on, old keys tubes of cream...

Photos Nepal

Dear people, The pictures of Nepal are online, you can view them here, if you click on them you can save the photo in better quality.

nepal 2017/ 2020

  Clown Bijouxxx has worked hard to organize the trip to Nepal from Koedijk. From 3 to 21 November Clown Bijouxxx visited children in Nepal in 19 centres/hospitals with 8 other clowns/musicians/puppeteers and a photographer. Two Dutch women, married to Nepalese...