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Children’s parties:

• on 22 December at Poppy

• November 7 at Marly

New Santa Claus performance:


• on 2 and 4 December

• 28 and 29 November

• 22, 26 and 29 July at 15:00: The birthday of Geraldine the Giraffe

• Sunday 2 August at 15:00: Ready the Chick.

€5.00 per child and €10.00 per adult.


•On 17 June at 15:00, the first performance of the year will be at Theater Bijouxxx on the Kompasweg in Alkmaar. Bijouxxx is recovering from a leg fracture: slipped in a clownish way!! But the performance can start again Hoeraaa!!

The Humanitarian Clowns trip to Marocco from March 24 to April 2, 2020 has been rescheduled to April 2022: Cassablanca and Marakesh and surroundings with Patch Adams Group.

In November 2021, Clown Bijouxxx will take another Humanitarian Clowns trip to Nepal for 3 weeks together with other clowns.

From 3 November 2019 to 5 July 2020 Clown Bijouxxx started a puppet and object theatre training in The Hague.


You can book Clown Bijouxxx at all times!

September 21: puppet show performance in Theater Bijouxxx on the Kompasweg in Alkmaar for birthday party.

31 August: performing on the street at the light evening in Alkmaar

August 18: performing at the Tour de Waard in Heerhugowaard:

13 June: interview for the Noordhollands Dagblad. Thank you Rob Bakker it was very cozy!!

June 14: puppet show in Bijouxxx theatre for children’s party by Doortje.

June 22: clowns /circus perform at birthday party of Pelle.


Photos : lunch of the Rotary Club of Aalsmeer and surroundings, during the presentation in den Osseweard. Clown Bijouxxx received € 500,00 sponsorship!! thank you very much for this!!


• November 18th perform 60th anniversary party in a shoe factory in Amstelveen.

• 25 October presentation Clown Bijouxxx Humanitarian Clown tours at the Rotary Club in den Osseweard in the Kwakel.

• 27 and 28 October: Art in the Kwakel,paintings and Bijouxxx Recycling Art.

The title of the Exposition is: “FRAMED FUN”

Exhibition, and music and art with children in den Ossewaerd

• July 19 th performance in Aalsmeer for 56 preschoolers in primary school: Together 1.

•25 May: perform at the market in Scorlewald in Schoorl.

•Pentecost, performance and clowns workshop in Uffelte de Uelenspieghel

•April 14, performing in the group Parsifal in Scorlewald in Schoorl.

•14 January: Clown Bijouxxx visits the 10th anniversary feast of Ilse’s Diyo Foundation: performing, making children face paint and selling books/tickets.

SPONSORS in 2018:

€ 500,00 sponsorship of the Rotary club Aalsmeer-Uithoorn: super AWESOME, thank you very much!!!

27 and 28 October during the exhibition: €214,00 sale of 3 books, cards, earrings and donations: thank you very much to all the lovely donors.

Market in Scorlewald May 26 : 2 books sold: Ruth Bouwman and Saskia and Gil Egberts. A total of €120, 00 also picked up sales of cards, earrings and donations. Thank you very much dear people!! Thanks to Marion and Erik who helped Bijouxxx super great on the market.

Henk de Jager, book €20,.. at Boven de Lijn training, March 24th, many thanks!

Jennifer Boskeljon, book €35,00, thank you!!!

Nefkens Hilversum, March 2018, Jeroen Klaassen €200,00 Super thanks!!

Berry Koeleman, book €50,00, April thank you very much!!

At the dyio foundation’s party on 14 January, 4 booklets and a number of tickets and noses were sold. Yield: €95.00. Thank you very much dear people!!

Sale booklet 15 January: Joke and Peter van Rijnsing €20,00.

At the 10th anniversary of ilse and Shiva and their Diyo Foundation: performing, making children face paint and selling books/tickets.

There’s a new –red–clowns car born with sponsored stickers from Department of Happiness. Once again thank you Cees and Maikel!!

Ingrid made beautiful pictures and film during the Nepal trip. Walter printed them and made beautiful photo compositions.

Report of the Nepal trip in the making and photos can be viewed at : Nepal page

A new puppet show spring show is in the making: READY THE CHICK

Updates 2020:

NIIEWE SINTERKLAAS PERFORMANCE: SAINT NICHOLAS VISITS THE ANIMALS IN THE FOREST WITH HIS NEW FRIEND AND SIDEKICK APPIE AAP ON: 28 and 29 November, on 2 and 5 December at 15:00. • 22, 26 and 29 July at 15:00: The birthday of Geraldine the Giraffe • Sunday 2 August at...

Bijouxxx recycling art

Because the earth is polluted and plundered because people keep getting rid of things and want to buy new stuff, I would like to show through my art how beautiful shapes are of everything we use. For years I kept all the cut yarn that was on, old keys tubes of cream...

Photos Nepal

Dear people, The pictures of Nepal are online, you can view them here, if you click on them you can save the photo in better quality.

nepal 2017/ 2020

  Clown Bijouxxx has worked hard to organize the trip to Nepal from Koedijk. From 3 to 21 November Clown Bijouxxx visited children in Nepal in 19 centres/hospitals with 8 other clowns/musicians/puppeteers and a photographer. Two Dutch women, married to Nepalese...

archive 2017/2016

NEWS 2017 Here's a movie : and this is what it's all about. The benefit dinner on October 2nd was a great success. There were over 100 people. I would like to thank everyone who has given donations. Thank you on behalf of many children in Nepal. Thank you to Maaike,...