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NEWS 2017

Here’s a movie : and this is what it’s all about.

The benefit dinner on October 2nd was a great success. There were over 100 people.

I would like to thank everyone who has given donations. Thank you on behalf of many children in Nepal.

Thank you to Maaike, Nathalie, Wilma, the auction master, the singer, the chefs and the waiting staff of restaurant Bel Ami in Bussum who worked very hard to make this evening a great success.

This is our group of clowns, musicians, puppeteers and people with big hearts who have visited the children in Nepal.


Children in Nepal

The first meeting to meet: “the Nepal clowns”


•(There is an error in the name Bijouxxx at the tax authorities. If you want to look up the ANBI status at the tax service, Byouxxx can type in a Y instead of IJ. )



Thank you very much Robert Hensel for your amazing action to get the website to PHP 7 up. And all of this is a sponsorship. I’m very happy about it. Everything’s going super fast now.

Thank you Maikel from The Department of Happiness for making a bus in Nepal in one day, and that also as a donation, wouwww!!! Thank you very much.

Thank you very much Daphne and Wouter from Postfly for your donations of brand new business cards. I’m very happy about it.

The new ticket, so much fun!!

Also thanks for printing 50 new booklets at purchase price.!!!

The first crowdfunding came in on December 9, 2016, €250,00 Hooray!!!!!! Thank you very much Citröen EmerparkAuto Hilversum, Wladimir Nijenhuis, director Aftersales.

Thank you to Stef de Beurs for your €25,25 crowdfunding and to Marcelle van de Ende for your € 20,00!!

Thank you very much dear people for your donations during the Uelenspieghel Pentecost weekend €32,50 !!

Thank Marjan Boontjes for buying the book € 30,00

Thank You Ina Doorduin for your €50,00 donation, thank you dear Corrie van Rijn for your €20,00 donation.



• November 3rd departure to Nepal: 17 days twice a day bring a lot of children attention, love and fun.

• October 2: Great Benefit dinner at Bell Ami restaurant. A delicious dinner of €45,00 for the trip to Nepal, including an auction.

•4 and 5 June: Pentecost weekend, performing in Uffelte on the Uelenspieghel family weekend: Clowns workshops and puppet show.

• on March 11, there will be a small puppet show with 5 children for their grandmother who turns 70. On 11 March there was a great article about Clown Bijouxxx and Evelyn in the Gooi en Eemlander at DRIVEN.

On November 29, 2016, Clown Bijouxxx took a crowdfunding masterclass. Thank you Robert van Roijen,

Because Clown Bijouxxx has been very busy moving, there is no new puppet show yet. Bijouxxx now lives temporarily in Koedijk.

You can now book clowns/puppet birthday parties again. See contact info when contacted.

• on March 11, there will be a small puppet show with 5 children for their grandmother who turns 70.

I would like to send you a very important beautiful message for the world as inspiration.

Market in Wijk by the Sea. Sale of Bijouxxx art ea. to finance the Nepal trip. Hard work with help from Corry and Patricia. Brrr a little cold.

This is Fanny!!


For the past year, Clown Bijouxxx has also been giving puppet shows for the benefit of the Foundation. More information can be found at interior, puppet show. See the puppet audience here!!

Puppet party birthday party in Muiderberg. Thank you for this beautiful photo Merlin!!


On this web album you can view photo albums.

Clown Bijouxxx thinks it’s very cool if you would like to write something in the GUESTBOOK. This is easiest to do via e-mail then Clown Bijouxxx puts it in the guestbook. (


December 29: musical performance in three old people’s homes in Loosdrecht and Kortenhoef. This as “decoration for the annual oil globes action of GroenLinks/PvdA in Wijdemeren.

November 30: Amstelveen, performing in the pre-programme of the Santa Claus Festival for refugees. The Saint Doll is coming.

September 14: performance, a beautiful song with theatre and accordion together with Fanny and Sylvia for a 50 year wedding party in Kortenhoef:

July 22: performing at summer party in Theodotion in Laren.

July 13: puppet show performance at party in Hilversum.

July 5: stall, puppet schmicken at the Healthy and Happiness market in Katwijk aan Zee.

July 3: accordion and guitar perform together with Christiaan at the 90th anniversary party of Rien in Naarden.

June 26: clowns perform at 50 years of marriage in Ankeveen.

May 29: puppet show at children’s party in Naarden.

22 May: performance, stall and face painting at Land nl Boschzicht in ‘s-Graveland.

April 23: puppet show at the Spring Spectacle in Nederhorst den Berg.

April 6: perform 80th birthday party in Epe.

March 12: clowns teach at the speaking circles reunion of Stef de Beurs in Amersfoort.

February 27: voluntary puppet show for the refugee children in Crailoo, Hilversum /Huizen.

February 24: clowns perform in front of 90 preschoolers, parents and “girls” at the Curtevenne school in Kortenhoef.

February 20: puppet show at children’s party in Muiderberg.

January 16: birthday of Abel in Amsterdam, puppet show.

Puppet party birthday party in Muiderberg. Thank you for this beautiful photo Merlin!!


NEWS AND PERFORMANCES 2020 Children's parties: • on 22 December at Poppy • November 7 at Marly New Santa Claus performance: SAINT NICHOLAS VISITS THE ANIMALS IN THE FOREST WITH HIS NEW FRIEND AND SIDEKICK APPIE AAP. • on 2 and 4 December • 28 and 29 November • 22, 26...

Updates 2020:

NIIEWE SINTERKLAAS PERFORMANCE: SAINT NICHOLAS VISITS THE ANIMALS IN THE FOREST WITH HIS NEW FRIEND AND SIDEKICK APPIE AAP ON: 28 and 29 November, on 2 and 5 December at 15:00. • 22, 26 and 29 July at 15:00: The birthday of Geraldine the Giraffe • Sunday 2 August at...

Bijouxxx recycling art

Because the earth is polluted and plundered because people keep getting rid of things and want to buy new stuff, I would like to show through my art how beautiful shapes are of everything we use. For years I kept all the cut yarn that was on, old keys tubes of cream...

Photos Nepal

Dear people, The pictures of Nepal are online, you can view them here, if you click on them you can save the photo in better quality.

nepal 2017/ 2020

  Clown Bijouxxx has worked hard to organize the trip to Nepal from Koedijk. From 3 to 21 November Clown Bijouxxx visited children in Nepal in 19 centres/hospitals with 8 other clowns/musicians/puppeteers and a photographer. Two Dutch women, married to Nepalese...