China and Tibet

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In mei 2004 is Clown Bijouxxx samen met een groep clowns en Patch Adams (45 clowns uit Japan, Australië, Canada, Mexico, Zwitserland, Italië en Amerika) naar China en Tibet gereisd. We hebben gedurende twee weken kinderen in ziekenhuizen en weeshuizen, en ouderen in verzorgingshuizen in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Thousand Islads Lake, Huangshan, Chengdu, Lhasa and Beijing bezocht.

Foto’s van Tibet


Op de markt


Op straat met de fanfare en Patch Adams


foto’s van China


archive 2017/2016

NEWS 2017 Here's a movie : and this is what it's all about. The benefit dinner on October 2nd was a great success. There were over 100 people. I would like to thank everyone who has given donations. Thank you on behalf of many children in Nepal. Thank you to Maaike,...

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DOLLLAST PERFORMANCES 2015: Agenda 2015 •2 December: Supporters' association '' de Stormbird'' S.V. Spakenburg, sint performance. • 7 November: 30 years of celebration in Wijk at Duurstede •24-October: Ruin of Brederode, festival in Santpoort. •19 September first...

archive 2011

NEWS 2011 PERFORMANCES IN THE NETHERLANDS November 13th perform at the Conservatory in s'Graveland with a large group of children in a greenhouse full of pumpkins! 11 March making music with the elderly in the Oudegaard centre in Kortenhoef. March 8 at the Hazelnut...

archive 2010

Great NEWS 2010 PERFORMANCES IN THE NETHERLANDS in 2010 performances in two hospitals through Brilliant: •13 October Flevohospital Almere – 6 October Westfriesgasthuis in Hoorn Clown Bijouxx in Hoorn, 6 October 2010 Westfriesgasthuis. • 1 December performance at a...

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Great NEWS 2009 PERFORMANCES/EVENTS IN THE NETHERLANDS/SWITZERLAND 2009 •video of December 30: clowning workshop giving in Lunteren for a group of 7 families met among other things children met a disability between the ages of 6 to 55 years. •December 8: clown...

Chile and Peru 2014

Clown Bijouxxx travelled to Chile and Peru in November 2014 with Danish Clown Boris and Dutch clown Michiel Lötters. There we spent three weeks in 14 places in very poor neighbourhoods, including hospitals, a large Santorium for disabled people, two centres for...

Chili and Peru 2014

  From november 12 until  november 30. Clown Bijouxxx, Danish clown Boris and Dutch clown Michael Lötters made a Humanitarian clowns tour to Chile and Peru in november 2014. In this two countries we visited 14 places in three weeks in very poor...

India 2010-2011

Entry to perform for many children with hearing problems Clown Bijouxxx was in India in 2010 where she visited many children with Clown Boris from Denmark. The people of India have received us super warm and warm. They were very grateful that we came all the way from...


Our arrival at the last day after two weeks of visiting children. Here in a big center for children who have hearing problems. It was very great, with film, journalists and tv.   Bijouxxx en Boris visited many children in two weeks. Bijouxxx and Boris( Nina...